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ProCareerManager services are designed for Employers, Recruiters, Job Seekers and Professionals. The services include:

  • Employers and Recruiters -  Job Postings, Talent search and Recruitment management.
  • Job Seekers - Job Search preparation and Job Matching services including Resume preparation, Coaching, Mentoring, and Career Management assistance.
  • Professionals - Career coaching and management to reach the desired reachable goals.

Our services for Employers, Recruiters, Job Seekers and experienced Professionals are supported by certified personnel to address their specific needs. There is a dedicated support team consisting of Facilitators to address Recruiters’ and Employers’ needs; certified Mentors and Coaches to help Job Seekers and Career Management Professionals get employment matching their desired goals.

These services are provided on a advance secured web based platform to manage all activities throughout the Talent Acquisition, Job Search and Career Management process. ProCareerManager has also developed advance proprietary software, Perfect-Match, to matching candidates with jobs with lightning speed and accuracy.

ProCareerManager differentiates it's services by providing a single place to manage Talent Acquisition, Job Search preparation and Career Management services with live dedicated Facilitators, Mentors, and Coaches with guaranteed results.