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Are you looking to get better performance from your Talent Acquisition and Employee Management Initiatives?
As dynamic as the recruitment industry is, the opportunity to be on the ground floor of a new recruiting technology doesn’t come every day.
ProCareer Manager has developed a software product that helps employers match the most qualified applicants to their openings, reducing the time, effort and cost of sorting through mountains of resumes from both external and internal candidates. It is also an employee management, development and retention tool that gives employers up-to-the-minute information on the capabilities of their employees, to keep them motivated and advancing in their careers.
Benefits to our Beta Partner
We offer our Beta partners the following:
a)      30-60 days use of our product free of charge
b)      Favorable terms for licensing and support, thereafter, including heavily discounted application licenses, services and support terms
<span style="font-size:16.0pt;Verdana" ,"sans-serif""=""> Our Products and Services
  1. PerfectMatchTM – is designed for talent acquisition and management of employees. The key benefits are:
    1. Reduce time and effort to fill a position
    2. Improve quality of hires
    3. Lower cost of hires
  2. SilentScoutTM – is designed to be “always-on” to constantly identify applicants with required characteristics while the job requisition is open. The key features include:
    1. Identify the best candidates for key position(s)
    2. Identify capabilities/skills or gaps within the organization or group(s).
    3. Help identify employees for skills development
    4. Monitor group/employee capabilities/skills
  3. Training – We will train our clients on the use of ourtalent acquisition standard processes and use of PerfectMatchTM and SilentScoutTM

 Seize the Opportunity – call or email us to take part in this program:


Contact Phone Number: 1-408-492-1012