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Date: February 21, 2011

Press Release: ProCareerManager Launches their Talent Search and Career Management website.

Today ProCareerManager, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, launched it's Beta site with limited users. The website allows recruiters and employers to post their talent requirements, search for matching job seekers and manage the entire process till an offer is extended. The website also allows Job Seekers to post their resume and search for matching Jobs. The employers job requests and Job Seekers resume posting are supported by a Facilitator and Mentor to help rapidly identify and match the Employer needs with Job Seekers. ProCareerManager uses its proprietary processes based on unique six step process to rapidly match candidate with multiple jobs.

"In this economy, we need a comprehensive method of identifying and selecting best and most qualified talents." stated Mahmood Khan, President and CEO of ProCareerManager. "In todays frenzied job search environment, we need an approach that will eliminate the wasted effort to seek talent by employers and jobs by job seekers. We have developed technology and program that gets results. Very fast. Guaranteed."  

ProCareerManager specializes in job search and talent management technologies and Career Management services. Their Platform consists of web based application platform and career management, coaching and mentoring services. The complete package is a first in the industry and is support by proprietary IP (Patent Pending).

For more information about the new solution offerings, please visit or send an email request to